More and More Quotes!

I found another great quote. I mean, it’s not fantastic, but it’s still amazing. The quote is: “Chin up, Princess, or the crown slips.” ~Unknown One of the books I am writing has a princess for the main character. I might just use that quote! Another great quote I found was: “It’s okay to be […]

Poem Follow-Up

Hey guys, I haven’t blog posted in awhile. Well, the last poem was about the time I almost fainted. I was at the doctor’s office and they had just taken a considerable amount of blood out of my arm. I was feeling funny, and those were the things going through my mind. When I was […]

Beautiful Words Poem

In and Out My brain is far, far away All these people trying to help me But I notice nothing And there’s the pain- like a headache, but worse- But I know it won’t stop until my brain comes back from it’s vacation Out. This darkness is so comforting. In. But will the pain go […]


What am I scared of and why? (that’s my writing prompt for myself) Hm… There might be some embarrassing things here… I used to have a deathly fear of spiders (now I have a small fear) I am a little scared of heights I guess you could say I’m afraid of go-karts…? (Check out my […]

Room Color

I decided to write about a weird thing (I don’t know what else to write about!)… The color of my room. My room is… pink. I know, I know. I really think that pink is a girly color (no offense, and I’m not sexist, it’s just associated in my mind). I’ve always wanted a royal […]

I Hate These Things

I hate it when….   People pretend they know more than me People bite on their fingernails I tell someone not to do something and they do it Someone ignores me I give my opinion and no one cares People have a great retort and I don’t know what to say Go karts Thanks for […]

Best Friend!

I know that I mentioned my best friend last post. I really want to share how we met. So I was in fourth grade talking to a friend on a field trip. We were at the end of the line (it wasn’t a line, people were walking in clumps), so the teachers were right behind […]


I love my teachers. I mean, they are just so awesome to be able to go to school everyday and have a fun lesson prepared, while handling the kids. But sometimes… There’s a problem. I know it’s hard to be a teacher. My mom is a substitute, and she tells me what it’s like for […]


I play piano. I’ve played piano for seven and a half years. I’ve mastered it. But I absolutely hate it when someone says “Hey, I love music too! I love to listen to pop on the radio!” Let me tell you right now. You don’t even know music if you’re like that. No offense. If […]